Monday, October 3, 2011


Yesterday was my first home-based business event, and it was definitely a success.  Sure, there are some lessons learned, but I'm so glad I participated and got my name out there in the community.  Here is a picture of my table.

About an hour into the show I also added a couple infant dresses to the table to gain more interest, and that definitely worked.  I gave out lots of cards, made lots of contacts, and hopefully I will be getting some more orders soon.

What were the negatives, you ask?  Well, the room was freezing and I was right under the air vent.  Next time I plan on bringing a thermos with hot tea in it.  Also, I wasn't too fond of my table cloth.  I had a purple one, but at the last minute I couldn't find it!  I need a more appealing color.  And lastly, I will definitely bring flip-flops to change into after the show!  I wore these fabulous heels during the event, but then had to lug all my stuff back to my car and I was cursing myself for not bringing a change of shoes.

What was my most popular item, you ask?  Not even clothes!  It was the military diaper bag!

Makes sense...military population, military interest.  But I did receive one inquiry about a renaissance costume!  I was giddy inside!  How fun would it be to make one???

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