Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm Going to "Pay Myself"

I have had my nose in my Sew to Success book since yesterday.  The author, Kathleen Spike, really has some amazing tips that have really gotten me to think about my business.

One tip that really stands out to me is about "paying yourself."  Now if you are a seamstress, you know how much work goes into even a simple garment, but are you like me when it comes to charging the customer?  Do you lower your price because you want to be competitive with ready-to-wear store prices?  Well, that's me.  I noticed it especially at my first craft fair last week when a customer asked me how much a princess costume would cost.  I told her $45, and she was taken aback.  And then I was second-guessing myself.  Is that too much?  Am I being unreasonable??  NO.  I am putting precious time and careful effort into a HANDMADE garment, and in fact, $45 is probably low-balling my work anyway.

I have to remember that I cannot be competitive with many stores out there because I am making something that is unique and custom!  I absolutely love what I do, and much of the satisfaction comes simply from sewing the garment, but I also have to remember to "pay myself" for my work.

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  1. I'm a graphic designer, and I always have trouble with low balling my work. I have to remind myself that although I am fast at my work, it's because of my 11+ years of experience, which is what they are paying me for.