Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pea Coat for my Sweet Pea

So here in California it hardly goes below 45 degrees, so it is pretty easy to make a warm winter coat for my kids without having to invest in goose down or heavy lining!  I chose McCall's 5743 for my oldest.

The jacket pattern is unlined, so I lined it with flannel, and the outer is a charcoal fleece. As you can see, I also used bigger button and spaced them out more.

It is warm enough for our California winter, and my daughter can button it herself with the large buttons!  Success!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back From Vacation!

What a great family vacation we had.  It was just what the doctor ordered and just in the nick of time to prevent me from short circuiting!  We took the girls and drove up to Tacoma, WA for the week to visit my husband's brother and his family.  The drive was loooong (11 hours) but the girls slept the whole way up because we drove all night.
Don't they look sweet?  Oh, and thank goodness for our dvd player on the way home!

So here is my latest and greatest project that I just completed tonight.  It is a messenger bag turned into a camera bag and I think it came out beautifully.  I used McCall's 5824 and made a few modifications here and there and then self-drafted the padded insert to hold the camera and lenses.

Above is the padded insert that is made to hold the camera and lenses and then I made another little pad to separate each item within the pouch.

I looooove the purple and contrasting pattern.  I used a plum denim for the outer and a quilting cotton for the lining and contrasting flap.  It is interfaced with fusible fleece, which gives the bag such a nice feel and weight.  I'm dropping it off tomorrow, so I hope my client loves it as much as I do!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!  I made my daughter a new winter coat...