Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Won, I Won!!!

I finally won my first pattern giveaway!!!  Yippee!  I enter the giveaways whenever I can on the blogs that I read and this morning I had an email from Debi at Fashions From the Past telling me I won this:

I am so excited to receive this pattern and can't wait to make a beautiful swing jacket out of it.  I think I just might make 2 because I have a beautiful gray and blue plaid lightweight wool that I bought last year, and I can also picture this in a fabulous kelly green.  Thank you, Debi!

What else did I do this weekend besides win a beautiful vintage pattern, you ask?  Well, I finished the dress for my friend's baby girl who will have her 1st birthday party tomorrow.

I fell in love with this fabric and knew it would be perfect for this dress.  I used McCall's 6015 because I love View C with the tulip sleeve.

But, let me tell you...that sleeve was anything but easy.  There must be an easier way to do that itty bitty sleeve on that itty bitty armhole!  It was tedious, but came out beautifully.  And I also modified the back by putting in buttons instead of a zipper because first, I didn't have an invisible zipper on hand, and second, I think the buttons look way cuter:)

All for now, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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