Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Round #4, LBD

So, the fourth challenge was one of my favorites so far.  A little black dress?  It's something I could use forever.  I had bought this beautiful herringbone wool/cashmere blend and I was just dying to use it.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I used this boring ol' pattern:
And made this!

 I shortened the length by 4 inches because I wanted a mod-style dress.  And of course with stockings, you can get away with a shorter hemline.

This is my favorite element of the dress.  I added a keyhole back and overlapped the top to include a button closure.

 I found these vintage buttons in a hole-in-the-wall fabric store right across the Tappan Zee Bridge a couple of years ago. 

 Can we just bask in the beauty of vintage buttons...made in Italy?  It feels rich, doesn't it?

Here are the dresses made by the other lovely ladies in the competition:

I'll find out tomorrow if I made round 5!!!!  Here is the fifth challenge:

Timeless Classics
Vintage dresses are made up of clean lines, darts, pleats, buttons, and feminine shapes.
But most importantly, they are about a great fit!

6 Seamstresses will compete in this challenge.
You will have 2 weeks to complete this challenge.

Challenge: Sewing a garment from a vintage pattern is challenging. The pintucks, pleats, and precise fit can be difficult to master. Choose a vintage pattern and modernize the piece. You can modernize your piece with styling, embellishment, or fabric. 
You will be judged on difficulty, craftsmanship, how fashion forward your look is, and FIT!
Take your time, you will have two weeks to make it perfect!
The winner will receive a Silk Bundle (6 yards). 

Pictures are due on Oct. 21st
Please remember to not collage your images. Send us single images and we will select the three that best represent your garment. 
Send us a picture of the pattern you used and an explanation of what attracted you to that pattern and material.