Friday, January 27, 2012

WIP Peplum Jacket and McCall's 6312

So I made this McCall's 6312 for my oldest in an effort to make her more excited to go to church:)
Me: "Carmella, aren't you excited to go to church??"
Carmella (in the whiniest voice): "Mooooom, I don't want to go to churrrrrrch!"
Me: Do you want to wear the new dress that I made for you????
Carmella: Yay! Okay, Mom, let's go to church.

See?  Who said bribery is bad for kids?  This is a summer dress because I made it over the summer and am just getting around to posting it.

I used a beautiful blue cotton from JoAnn's.  I think I had it in my stash for year before I found the perfect use for it.  I love this pattern and how interesting the criss cross is in the front.  It took some trial and error with the fit in the front because the dress ended up being a little too big, so I had to adjust the criss cross and then put a couple tucks in the back.  This dress does not fit right if it's too big.  But, it is definitely an interesting pattern has some cute variations.  The view B on the envelope that you see has a removable belt (which I chose not to do).

Are you waiting to see the finished Stella dress from Violette Field Threads???  Umm....well, I caught a case of sewing ADD and moved to a different project.  All I have to do is hem the three dresses, but that is so BORING.  I can't tell you how many times I have moved on from a project when I only have 30 minutes of work left on it.

Anyway, I thought I would share some pics of peplum jacket that has stolen my time.  I found this fabric a couple months ago and didn't know which pattern I wanted to use, but finally settled on McCall's 6026.  I tried to find some reviews on PatternReview, but nothing came up.  I knew I wanted it very fitted and tight, so I just looked at the finished measurements and cut an 8.

Here's a little sneaky peek!!!  I really hope to finish it this weekend.

One more thought and a question for you...can someone please tell me what purpose do these pleats near the elbow serve??

This is my first jacket, so I have never seen these and I'm thrown as to what they do.


  1. So cute!! I love this dress :D

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  2. BTW I know you've finished your jacket now and I am no expert, but I think those elbow pleats are to give you some shaping in the sleeve - I am guessing this is a one piece sleeve pattern? Some one piece sleeve patterns just have you ease that area a bit instead. Some just ignore it altogether but it's quite nice if the jacket sleeve bends a little to mimic the shape of our arms. (Two and three piece sleeves are already drafted this way).

    1. Yes, that makes sense! It is a one piece sleeve and I noticed that the sleeve curves a little bit with the pleat. Thanks for the info! And I absolutely love your blog. You make the most beautiful clothing.