Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vivienne by Violette Field Threads

I forget how I came upon this site, but I'm pretty sure it was during an Etsy browse.  And I knew I just had to make this skirt.  It is called Vivienne and the pattern is by Violette Field Threads.  All of their patterns come in PDF and are emailed right to you.  I believe I received it to my inbox the same day I ordered it.  I decided to used a pretty charcoal corduroy that I have been holding onto for a couple months.  I originally was going to make a corduroy skirt for myself, but I knew this fabric would be perfect for this Vivienne skirt.  I then decided to use just simple muslin for the ruffles because it gave the skirt a beautiful rustic feel.

The instructions told me to hem the ruffles by hand, but I just used the narrow hem foot on my machine and it was way easier.

The sizing is spot on with RTW so I made a size 5 for my (almost) 5-year-old.  The back is elastic so I got a perfect fit, and there's room to grown!   I know she will be able to wear this into next winter.  I already have her sister's skirt in a size 4 on the cutting table, ready to go.


  1. That has to be one of the nicest girls skirts I've ever seen. Gorgeous!

  2. Very nice... I love it. You made it way prettier than the original samples.