Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, indeed!  This is really going to be an interesting year for me.  First, I will be continuing my schooling towards my AS in Fashion Design.  I'm still in core classes right now, but this quarter I will get into my major courses so that is definitely exciting!

As you  may know, we are an Air Force family and my husband will be deploying for a year in March.  That is the not-so-good part about 2012.  But, as a military wife, it is important to always look at the bright side.  When my husband leaves, I will take my girls and head back to my hometown in Connecticut!  I will be staying with my parents for the next year and be near my two sisters, who I miss terribly.  And another plus??  SNOW IN THE WINTER!!!  California winters are just not cutting it for me and I miss the freezing temps and snowy goodness of the Northeast.  Call me crazy, but winter ain't winter without the white stuff.  Yes, the year will be tough, but being with my family will make it easier, I hope:)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's (or maybe tonight's!) post because I am finishing up my first Sewaholic pattern...the Minoru Jacket!

I can't have this post pictureless, so I will leave you with my birthday picture.  I turned 29 on December 27th and my awesome friend took me out to a fabulous Italian restaurant in Walnut Creek.

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