Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wearing my Summer Wardrobe in Winter

I love making cute summer dresses, skirts, and tops, but when the cold weather rolls around, I have to get creative so that I can wear my summer stuff in the winter.  I made this top over the summer using McCall's 6325 and just had to find a way to wear it yesterday in the cold weather.  I decided to pair it will a jewel-toned cardigan and dark wash jeans so that it was less summery-looking.  I call this my "love-birds top" because the print is made up of kissing birds and hearts:)

I love all the options in this pattern and I'm definitely going to make it again.  It comes with cup sizes which makes the top so much easier to fit.  Sadly, the cup size is a bit droopy on me because I made this top while I was still nursing and I have shrunk significantly, so all the more reason to make it again with a better fit!!

Happy Sunday, and I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


  1. So cute! Are there really 45 functioning buttonholes?? You impress!

  2. Not quite 45, but, yes! All 9 buttonholes are functional!!