Friday, December 9, 2011

Better Than Your Average T-Shirt

I made this shirt a couple months ago and thought I should post some pics.  I love the idea of a t-shirt having a little sass to it, so I though McCall's 6435 was a perfect pattern to experiment with.  I chose View A and then made it sleeveless.
I found some t-shirt knit in the Value Fabric section at Hancock's for $1.99 and thought it would be perfect for this shirt.  And, voila!

I did all this without a serger, too.  See, you don't need all the fancy stuff to do knits!  Just the right sharp needle and a little patience.  I love the way it came out and I'm definitely going to make a couple more in different colors.


  1. I saw the review you posted on this pattern in, LOVE it! what a great top you made.
    I plan to make a very similar top soon, Thanks!

  2. Your shirt is amazing. I have made 4 of these shirts now. View D. And I plan to make more. I am using a serger and I can only hope I will learn how to do finishing as well as you do. Beautiful! Thank you!