Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wedding Dress Part 2

Yes, it has been a while, but I would love to post an update on my first completed wedding dress.  Caitlin (the beautiful bride) completely spoiled me with her calm demeanor and was heaven to sew for.  She basically just gave me the reigns and I didn't look back.  Here are some more shots of the dress with fine detail:

 I added this original button for the bustle in the back.  The overlay was all salvageable, thank goodness.  It save me many hours.  (The total project totaled 24 hours of work)

 This is the extension I added to the built-in slip.  I originally took out the slip because it was too small.  Caitlin bought several slips, but nothing was even close to the opaqueness of the original, so I put it right back in and added about an 1" strip on both sides of some handkerchief cotton I had used for the interlining of the new bodice. 
 (My sweet tag.  I got it on Etsy.)
 I added bra strap holders to both shoulders.  I would recommend this detail for any formal dress.  There is nothing worse than a bra strap slipping off the shoulder, and it gives the dress a more "couture" feel, don't you think?  I found these in the Garment district for $2, if I'm not mistaken.
Ta-da!!  The beautiful bride.  I would post more pictures of her, but I can't seem to save photos off the pesky password-protected photographer website ;)

Thanks to everyone for the patience on my update.  I'm sure we all have blog lapses, when life just seems to get the better part of your time.  Thanks to all my followers who have checked in with me, and I hope you enjoyed these 2 posts as much as I enjoyed the experience of making my first wedding dress!

Here are a couple photos of my current WIP.  It's Simplicity 2176 and I'm using a taupe chambray.  Very summery and it's looking great so far.

 ( messy sewing corner.  Pay no attention...)
And what's summer without a picture of my sassy little girls???  Beach Day!!!


  1. What a wonderful job on the wedding dress!
    Your dress looks to be just right for hot summer weather.

    1. Thanks, Irene! Yes, I'm looking forward to finishing the dress this week. Perfect for the humidity on the East Coast.